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7- Day Meditation Challenge with Turiya Ma

  • 7Days


Welcome to this 7-Day Meditation Challenge with Turiya Ma. It is a gift to have you part of this journey to come home into the Peace of your own Being. Over this 7-Day journey together you are encouraged to listen to a meditation recording every day. This Meditation Journey has been curated in a specific order, so you are invited to carve out the time in your daily schedule to meditate with me in this way - preferably in the morning (you'll hear references to that in the recordings - but if you can only practice during the evening for example, then this is okay too). My advice would be to choose a particular time each day and stick with that to create consistency and also track progress/differences on a day-to-day basis. Other recommendations include: --> Prepare a dedicated meditation space for your daily practice, make it inviting, make it sacred, so that you are deeply comforted by the space, and wish to return to it for our journey together. --> Have a journal ready for after the recording, if anything arises that you would like to capture, my recommendation is to do this after the meditation, rather than during as it can interrupt the transmission. --> If you have any questions - you can email me at: - or via a direct message on Instagram @dartmoor_rose. I wish you much peace and blessings on this journey! In loving service, Turiya Ma

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