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HerCycle e-Course

This course can no longer be booked.

A Self-Paced Journey to reconnect with your Cyclical Nature.

  • Ended
  • 40 British pounds
  • Online - Self-Paced e-Course


Within this e-Course You will receive, bespoke content and practice for each of the Four Phases of your Monthly Bleed or Moon Cycle. This e-Course holds some of The Keys for You to Attune, Align and Embody the Fullest Expression of your Sacred Feminine Essence. We are Cyclical, Magnificent Beings, and when we Come Home to this Inherent Knowingness, our Bodies, our Minds, our Hearts, our Energy, our Relationships, our Work, YES - every aspect of our Life, can be alchemised in the Pure Gold of Radiant Beingness. Whether You are still menstruating or not, whether You have a physcial womb or not, this e-Course is for anyone that feels a call to re-discover and reclaim their Natural Cycle in accordance with the Cosmos. If You are peri or post menapausal, or if You have had a hysterectomy, You are still SO welcome here Beloved. The energtic blueprint of the Womb is still alive and kicking - and what's more You can sync the different phases in accordance with Sister Moon, because as I said before, "As Above, so Below" and the different phases of the Moon directly correlate with the different phases of our Monthly Cycle. 4 x 1-Hour Women's Yoga Video Sessions Including tailored Asanas (Poses) and Practices to honour your Body Temple and harness the transformative energies present at this time 4 x 15-Minute Meditation Audio Recordings Guiding You into the Inner Realms of your Being, to find the Gold Within via the power of visualisation 4 x Written Rituals For You to Practice aligned to the Bleed/Moon Cycle to harness the energetic potential available during these monthly magical thresholds. 4 x Videos To Welcome, Create your Intention, Consecrate and Close this Sacred Journey together. 1 x Detailed e-Book 65 pages of Pure Gold, featuring Explanations, Inspirations and Contemplations to support You in this Journey back Home to your Cyclical Embodied Wisdom. BONUS: A 15 Minute Yoga Nidra Audio Recording Inviting You into total rest and relaxation - allowing all tension to melt on the level of Body, Mind, Spirit. This is really beautiful to practice after the Women's Yoga Session or just generally when you need to deeply rest and restore during the month.

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Ashburton, Devon, UK

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