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Tue, 31 Oct


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Wise Woman Online 7-Week Training

Women, the Time to Remember is Now.

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Wise Woman Online 7-Week Training
Wise Woman Online 7-Week Training

Time & Location

31 Oct 2023, 19:00 GMT – 12 Dec 2023, 21:00 GMT

Zoom Online

About the event

The Wise Woman Training is a reclamation of all of the lost and buried parts of YourSelf, with the objective that once completed You will:

Know your Holy Power;

Speak your Mystic Truth;

Embody your Divinity.

This Training also invites You to take your place in Sacred Circle to empower and encourage other Women to remember the Wise Woman

That They Are.

During the 7 weeks together we will not be alone. We will be calling in Wise Guides and Ascended Masters to support this Great Re-Birthing, this Great Re-Circling to the Ancient, Wise Ways.

Every week you will be invited into an Initiation with that particular Feminine Oracle to receive HerStory, Her Transmission, Her Vibrational Frequency so that this blueprint awakens in Your Own Being. Because Her Story is Our Story.  Throughout the Week you will receive Embodiment Practices to fully harness and ground this Wisdom down  as a Living, Embodied, Integrated Truth.

These Guides, if you are willing, will be your faithful, loving and inspirational allies for the rest of this sojourn on the Earth Plane; supporting You in the Journey of Revealing the Wise Woman Within.

Wise Woman Training

A Cauldron of Myth, Magick & Alchemy 


In the 2-Hour Live Weekly Ceremonial Containers we will enter into Sacred Circle as a Council of Wise Women.  Through Myth, Legend & Ceremony, we will unlock keys, decipher hidden messages; and awaken the Wisdom Code Within, on the conscious, subconscious and unconscious level.



During the Week You will receive Video, Audio and Text-Based Practices to harness & further activate the energies through all layers of your Being. These alchemical practices will bring deep transformation, as well as deep regulation to your intricate inner and outer architecture.


You will have access to the Private  Wise Woman Telegram Channel for the Training. With Great Transformation comes the strong need of Great Integration. In this container You will be able to ask questions that are arising; as well as establishing community with the other Women in the Training.

We call in the Wisdom of the  Wise Ones to awaken the Wisdom Within...

Week 1 


In the Celtic & Pagan Traditions this is the Official Beginning of the New Year. Together we will begin where we shall end, with the Crone Goddesses, releasing the old, envisioning the new. 

Remembering the Art of Conscious Death

Week 2

Goddess Brigid

In Pre-Christian Ireland & Britain, Brigid was known as the "Bringer of Light". Together we will invoke Her as the Triple Goddess, thus exploring our Cyclical Nature and the Fertile Land of our Body, Mind & Heart.

Remembering the Art of Divine Creation

Week 3

Mary Magdalene

In the Mystical Gnostic Traditions, the balancing of the Feminine and Masculine Energies Within is known as Inner Alchemy. Together we will  learn to awake, balance & rise the White and Red Serpent energies.

Remembering the Art of Sacred Union

Week 4

Durga Ma

In Hinduism, Durga is called upon for Strength, Bravery and Protection. Together we will activate our Holy Power Centre; whilst slaying the Demons of unworthiness so that we courageously Embody our Truth.

Remembering the Art of Holy Power

Week 5  Kuan Yin In the East-Asian Buddhist Traditions, Kuan Yin is known as the Mother of Mercy. Together we will direct our Soul into a higher octave of this journey thus far, into the blossoming reality of the One Heart.

Remembering the Art of Radical Love

Week 6

White Buffalo Calf Woman

In the Lakota Tradition, the White Buffalo Calf Woman re-taught the Tribes how to communicate and align with Great Spirit. In Week 6, we will now be sufficiently prepared to  Channel with Great Spirit.

Remembering the Art of Intentional Prayer

Week 7


Recognized as the most important Deity in the Egyptian Pantheon, with Her Epic Presence influencing most Modern-Day Traditions at their root level, Isis will usher us into the Closing 12/12 Ceremony.

Remembering the Art of Resurrection

This is a Training for those that are burning to cut the final cords of suppression and submission and reawaken the Wise Woman Within.

  • Wise Woman will reclaim your inherent Power, Potency and Potentiality.  Wise Woman will remind You that You are "Self-Sourced".
  • Wise Woman  will re-connect You to your Inner Cycles, the Cycles of Nature, the Cycles of the Cosmos.
  • Wise Woman will re-familiarise You with the Boundless Source of Energy that Lies in your Feminine Core.
  • Wise Woman will re-equip You with Tools to Heal Yourself, Live your Purpose, Fulfil your Destiny & Manifest your Dreams.
  • Wise Woman will re-orient You back to the Intuitive Guide & Power that Lies at the Heart-Womb of your Being.
  • Wise Woman will reveal the Goddess Within and attune to Her different frequencies and Powers.
  • Wise Woman will re-establish You in Unity Consciousness.

Training Format

Live Weekly Wise Woman Ceremony 

Every week we will gather in Sacred Circle for a LiveWise Woman 2 Hour Council together.

Weekly Feminine Practices 

This is Sacred Practice Time, where every week, we will move through Feminine Energy Practices to help us release and cultivate the particular imprint necessary for the Inner Work to be completed that Week.

Weekly Guided Rituals 

Every Week you will receive materials to perform your own rituals in accordance with the specific energetics we will be connecting to as a Group. Over the 7 Weeks your Connection with the Cyclic Phases of the Cosmos will be so strong that You will feel confident and ready to continue, and even guide other Women to connect to the Wise Woman Withinonce the Training will be complete.

Private Telegram Group 

As part of the Training you will be held in a inspirational Telegram Container, this is to provide further support in your ongoing practice as well as inviting you to forge bonds with the other like-hearted Wise Women.

Weekly Training Materials & Reading 

Every Week you will also receive a Workbook including Additional Reading, Contemplations and Inspirations for the Week ahead.

This is to be completed in your own time and in accordance with the availability of your schedule. This adds to the holistic working of this Training enabling you to work in subtler and subtler dimensions of your Psyche, Heart, Soul.

You will also receive these Transformative Bonuses...

1 x 30 Minute 1:1 Integration Consultation

Monetary Value: €65

Soul Value: Priceless

This 30-Minute 1:1 Consultation is Pure Gold. Upon completion of the Training, we will work through You, in your glorious You-niqueness and highlight any areas which need to be further explored and how to bring that

Wise Woman that lies Within out to play, asap.

Her CycleAn e-Book & Guide

Monetary Value: €15

Soul Value: Priceless

This e-Book is a precious and essential basis to innerstand your Feminine Nature. This e-Book is part of my HerCycle e-Course and offers insight into your Feminine Rhythm, and the Rhythm of Nature. It includes insights as well as rituals to re-connect with your Feminine Essence.

Ayurvedic DinacharyaDaily Routine

Monetary Value: €35

Soul Value: Priceless

Ayurveda is the Science of Life.

It is the Ancient Yogic Healing System which sees us, individually, as unique formations of the Elements. Before we begin the  Wise Woman Training, you'll receive this Bonus incl. Video & Text Materials so that you can begin the Purification process.

 The Wise Woman Training is for You If: 

  • You're really serious about creating a dramatic shift in your Life.
  • You want to end the search of "finding yourSelf".
  • You're ready to experience the Full Spectrum of your Womanhood.
  • You want to Live your Purpose and Manifest your Dreams.
  • You long to feel more connected to your Sacred Body Temple and release personal and ancestral limitations.
  • You feel called to explore your Mystical Nature and Intuitive Capabilities.
  • You are ready to step into your Divine Power.
  • You're willing to give all you've got to this Process, because that's the only way you'll see and feel the intended results.
  • You are feeling an all-pervasive "Deep Yes" through all of your cells when reading this.


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