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An Initiatory Journey into your Mystical Nature

Women's Work

I am so happy that you followed your Intuition so we could <re>connect here.


I create transformational spaces for the Feminine to unearth the Mystical Woman that resides Within.


Since 2017 I've guided more than 100 women on the intimate Journey of Remembering their Exquisite Mystical Nature.


We are Sovereign Queens holding the keys to our Own Mastery.


Our Mission in this Life is to Realise This.

Our Mission in this Life is to Embody This.

Our Mission in this Life is to Transmit This.

Working at home

Reveal the Wise Woman Within

You know It.

I mean it.

You really Know It.


You feel it deep within your Bones, deep within your Womb, deep within your Heart, that

You Are a Wise Woman.


Have you forgotten?

But more importantly:

Do you yearn to Remember?


If so Beloved One, I invite you to Reclaim your Birthright - and join me for my upcoming

Wise Woman 7-Week Alchemical Online Training.


Now taking Applications for October Training.

Beginning Samhain 2023 for 7 Weeks.

Early Bird Price until Midnight Autumn Equinox 23.

Mystical Woman.png

Answering the Call of the Rose

She who was named a whore for over two-thousand years by the patriarchy is calling us to ignite the Rose Flame of Truth Within.


As a High-Priestess of Isis, Mary Magdalene walked the path of Embodied, Lit, Wisdom. Owning all parts of her Feminine and Masculine polarities, she is an emblem of the Anthropos, the Divine Human.

She is stirring our hearts, stirring our wombs, stirring our voices to allow the rose petals to open within our Mystical Beingness. Can you hear her?

In 2020, Sanctuary Rosa Mystica was birthed - a Rose Path Mystery School, offering Trainings and Mystical Pilgrimages to Magdalene shrines in Europe with my fellow Rose Sister Vira Maria. 

I am now offering Embodied Initiations into the Rose Magdalene Lineage in Ashburton Devon.  

Mystical Woman.png

Unearth your Wisdom

As Women we hold the Chalice of Truth within our very Heart-Womb. Our ancestors Knew This, and Now it's Time for us to reclaim this Deep Knowing, for the benefit of All.

Filippa, Artist, Sweden

“I am in awe of the Space that you held for us. I felt so safe and seen. The wisdom that you shared truly resonated with me, thank you."

Anna, Teacher, England

"Turiya has inspired me to continue my Spiritual Journey. I will always get involved with anything she puts forward."

Mandy, Coordinator, Spain

“It's been a Journey of many emotions, Love, Joy, Peace, Self Enquiry and much more.”

"When we fully inhabit our

Holy Body Temple,

we access the Full Scope of our

Feminine Power."

Turiya Ma

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