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Bloom into the Fullness of your Being.

Transformational Therapies for Body, Mind & Heart with Turiya Ma in

Devon, England.

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Meet Turiya

Certified Hridaya Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Healing Therapist & Rose Lineage Guide

Welcoming You Beloved Heart.


My name is Turiya Ma, and I am here in service to reveal the Fullness of your Being. 

Through Hridaya Yoga & Meditation Courses & Retreats, along with 1:1 Healing Sessions, as well as Women's Work Immersions, I work with clients to remember the Vibrancy which resides in the Body, Mind & Heart of each Soul.

Based in Ashburton, Devon, I offer numerous Courses, Retreats, Sessions and Immersions.



Hridaya Yoga Chakra


Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats

Body-Energy Work 







"We are Here, Now,

to release what no longer serves, to remove the filters that blind us, to remember the Light of Spirit Within."

“My Body, my Mind, my Soul start dancing together on the melody that is orchestrated by Turiya and I feel real Union with Pure Love."

- Gizem,

Yoga Teacher

“A very special person with a very special energy. One can only gain by simply sharing time and space in Turiya's presence."

- Sylva,

Diving Instructor

"I am sometimes just struck by how far I have come without even realising it."

- Hannah,

IT Specialist

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