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Sanctuary Rosa Mystica

Join the Great Pilgrimage into the WildLands of the Magdalene Mystery.


The Great Awakening

Throughout the Planet, there is a Great Shift unfolding on a Multi-Dimensional Level.


The turning point is Now.


No longer can distorted patriarchal dominance drive the evolution of Humanity.


Deep wounding in the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine is calling to be healed.


Sanctuary Rosa Mystica is in humble service of this restoration of Great Balance in this unstoppable wave of Love Awakening.

The Invitation

We are gathering for the Great Remembering for the Benefit of All.

In order to reclaim the forgotten and silenced voices within the Wisdom of our Heart-Womb, we come together in trainings, praise & ceremonial spaces to activate the Rose Codes dormant in our bloodline. 


In the rebirth of our Divine Feminine Power, in Service to the collective Opening and Healing, You are asked to come back Home into the depth of True Aliveness.

The Sacred Union of the Magdalene-Christ Within is yearning to be remembered, restored and celebrated within all of Humanity!

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The Intention

Sanctuary Rosa Mystica offers an Authentic Container for You to follow and immerse yourSelf in the Path of the Rose, as a Rose Initiate. Founded by Vira Maria & Turiya Ma , Sanctuary Rosa Mystica is a Journey of Initiation, back into the Magdalene-Christ Mystery & Wisdom of time immemorial. We offer Mystical Pilgrimages & trainings in France, Portugal & England.


 Below are some of the current Offerings following in the footsteps of the ancient Magdalene Rose Lineage.


Magdalene Awakening
Online Course

With Turiya Ma & Vira Maria

This 6-week rich Online Journey invites you to receive the higher wisdom teachings of the Rose Lineage. The Rose is an emblem for the Union between the masculine and feminine polarities within. Just as the Rose blooms, so must the Rose rise. In the Magdalene Awakening Online Course we invite you into either beginning or going deeper on your Magdalene Awakening Journey so that you can activate and embody the Rose Codes that this moment in humanity is calling us to ignite. We are here to Rise as Testament to Her, as the Divine Human that We Are.


Wheel of the Year Beloved Companion Training, Devon
With Turiya Ma & Marian Rose

Beginning just after Spring Equinox 2024 we will commence a sacred inner journey into the once hidden teachings of the Gospel of the Beloved Companion over the Wheel of the Year. The Gospel of the Beloved Companion is a unique exploration of the hidden teachings of the Magdalene-Christ Path, discovered in the Languedoc region of France, the sovereign lands of the Cathars.

This Training will be an alive, vibrant and embodied exploration into this little known Gospel.

Together we will bring the words off the page and into living prayer, through a Wheel of the Year Initiatory Training.


The Magdalene Chalice Pilgrimage, Glastonbury

The mystical Isle of Avalon (or Glastonbury as it is known in this day and age), has been a powerful pilgrimage site for millennia. For Mary Magdalene Initiates it holds particular significance, as it is said that after the Resurrection, Joseph of Arimathea brought the Holy Grail, the Sacred Chalice of the Magdalene-Christ Mysteries to these druidic lands. On this precious Magdalene Chalice Pilgrimage we will voyage across the veil, to re-claim the lost womb voice of Her. Over 3.5 days we will prepare our vessel to then receive the elixir from the Magdalene Chalice.


Magdalene Awakening
Online Course

Welcome Sister...

The Magdalene Awakening Course is a unique initiatory Journey that will serve you in establishing or deepening your Connection with Mary Magdalene as intimate Guide and thus support you in sharing your sacred Offerings with the World in these crucial times of Humanity.


You will get to know and activate different Aspects of Her within yourself; these aspects represent multilayered archetypal faces of the deep Feminine,

the Priestess, Tantrika, Mystic & Leaderess.

The Intention

This Journey is dedicated to Love, to divine Recognition & to mystical Remembrance and aims to empower you in sharing your true Voice, unique Gifts & Soul Medicine with the World, recognising yourself as essential part of the sacred Tapestry of Cosmic Creation.

Despite all challenges Mary Magdalene trusted her Heart and dared to speak her truth, the one Truth of divine, eternal Love as our true Nature!

In this Course Mary Magdalene invites you into a deep inner Quest, into a very intimate Exploration of who you are on all levels.


She represents that the divine is found in the most ordinary & human, this is the Path of Descent, leaning into the darkest places of discomfort, allowing Love to caress what you have labelled as unworthy and calling all parts back into Wholeness.


Reminding you that you don’t and never were walking alone, but that you belong from the deepest place of Being.

You are walking in Union with everything! And especially are you walking alongside the Sister- & Brotherhood of the Rose that are here to hold your hand in the moments of despair until you find new strength to continue. The world needs you in exact that form and unique flavour so may she remind you of your courage to express yourself in all ways your deep Heart desires!


The Journey

On this Magdalene Awakening Journey you will receive:

2 x 1.5 hour Live Calls (Recorded for those on different Timezones)

Hours of content: Videos, Guided Practices, Audio Activations, Written Booklet

Gnostic Gospel Study Group

Yoga of the Rose Sessions

Question & Answer Sessions

+ Bonus Materials +


Live Zoom Ceremony (recorded) Thursday 3rd October 18:30 - 20:00 London Timezone

𓋹  Consecration

𓋹 Invocation of Mary Magdalene & the Rose Lineage

𓋹  Daily Morning Practice & Tapas Initiation

𓋹 Sharing

Week Zero

Background information, Guidance and Tools

𓋹  Who is Mary Magdalene?

𓋹  What is the Lineage of the Rose?

𓋹  Why is She important in these times and what’s the Significance of this Work?

𓋹  The meaning of the Rose, Rose Medicine & Healing

𓋹  How to prepare for this Course & Agreements

𓋹  How to create your Altar

𓋹  Setting your Intention

Week 1

Magdalene as Priestess

𓋹  The Priestess Path

𓋹  Meeting our Guide, Isis, Invocation, Ritual, Activation

𓋹  Womb Healing & Blood Mysteries Practices & Initiation

𓋹 The Ancient Art of Annointing 

Week 2

Magdalene as Tantrika

𓋹  The Tantric Path

𓋹 Meeting our Guide, the Holy Whore, Invocation, Ritual, Activation

𓋹  Sacred Pleasure & Sexual Arts Practices & Initiation 

𓋹 The Ancient Art of Sacred Marriage

Week 3

Magdalene as Mystic

𓋹  The Mystical Path

𓋹  Meeting our Guide, the Eye of the Heart, Nous, Invocation, Ritual, Activation

𓋹  Heart healing and Heart envisioning Practices & Initiation

𓋹 The Ancient Art of Oracular Knowing 

Week 4

Magdalene as Leaderess

𓋹  The Revolutionary Leaderess Path

𓋹 Meeting our Guide, the Midgal (tower) Invocation, Ritual, Activation

𓋹  Sacred Purpose & Mission Practices & Initiation

𓋹 The Ancient Art of Channelling 


Live Zoom Ceremony (recorded) Thursday 14th November 18:30 - 20:00 London Timezone

𓋹 Closing Prayers

𓋹 Priestess Vow / Manifesto

𓋹 Sharing

𓋹 Integration Practices

Your Guides


Welcoming You to join the Circle

Early Bird until 8th August Midnight




Payment Plans Available.

Enquire for options.


The Magdalene Chalice Pilgrimage

Glastonbury, England
28th May - 31st May 2024

With Turiya Ma, Marian Rose, Catherine Lee, Basia Bird
& Special Guests

Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 14.23.43.png

Do you hear Her calling?

Guided by the ancient Mystery Lineages, this Journey is more than just an outer Exploration of Sacred Sites.


This is an Inner Pilgrimage - leading you to the Mystic Chalice of your Magdalene Soul, the Feminine Christ, the Sanctuary of Divine Sophia Within.


In this time of great change the mists of Avalon are parting and we warmly invite you to step between the worlds into our Sisterhood Heart Temple.

Together we will enter into the chamber of soul healing and the mystery of our innate Feminine wisdom. 


Our journey to Avalon is an opportunity for each of us to connect with our soul's mission and receive nourishment, power and inner guidance. 


It is an invitation to reawaken and embody the power of the Priestess within. 

Held by the sacred portals of Avalon, we enter the holy lands of our bodies, re-membering and calling home our lost red threads. 

Through this rite of passage of reclaiming our worth as women, we will open to the healing of that which holds us back from embodying our power and our souls mission.


Avalon’s lineage of ancient Feminine mysteries stirs a deep memory within the psyche and soul of those who feel called there. 


The Glastonbury Magdalene Quest is an initiatory journey traveling through the different gates in both the inner outer and plane. We will gather as women to unify our hearts, as we awaken to the presence of the Divine Feminine within. In this resurrection of this healing Temple we are held in the circle and safety of Sisterhood.


The Sites that we will visit during this Pilgrimage store incredible Power, as they have been charged over thousands of years with prayers and ceremonies, emitting vibrations that can re-activate our Soul Memory. 


We will travel to these sacred sites in ceremony, prayer and dedication to Mary Magdalene and the Lineage of the Rose. We will  deepen our experiential understanding and inner knowing through Her teachings, guided priestess practices & alchemical embodiment exercises each day.


For us to meet these sacred sites in their fullness, we must first prepare our vessel, so that we can hold the Magdalene Frequency and drink deep from the Medicine of the Rose Lineage.

Some of the Sacred Sites include:

Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 14.23.43.png

The Red Spring


The White Spring

Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 15.38.18.png

The Magdalene Chapel


Glastonbury Abbey


The Tor

Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 15.28.19.png

And more...

The Chalice is a personification of the Feminine Principal, this Womb-like vessel that holds, that contains, that nurtures, that connects to primordial Womb of Creation Herself.

From an Alchemical standpoint, the Chalice, which features both an upward triangle and a downward triangle, represents this point of Union between the Opposites, between the Masculine

and the Feminine Principals, resulting and culminating in the Divine Marriage Within - or the Hierosgamos.

As a High Priestess of Isis - Mary Magdalene innerstood and embodied the mysteries of the Chalice, Alchemical love-making (Sacred Union), and Womb Gnosis (Womb Knowing).

The Chalice as represented by the physical or energetic Womb - is a power portal of our our Feminine Receptivity. Where the Heart can express Visionary Wisdom and Love, the Womb can receive and activate this Knowing from Within.

The Holy Grail, the Chalice, is a metaphor for the Chalice, or Womb, of Mary Magdalene (Myriam, the Migdalah), which bore the Daughter (Sar’h) of the sacred partnership between herself and Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus). This Royal Bloodline being the True Holy Grail. It is said that Joseph of Arimathea brought the Holy Grail to Glastonbury many moons ago. What does that mean? 

On The Magdalene Chalice Pilgrimage we will sip from the cup which holds the Holy Grail of Life Itself, and become Chalice Bearers for Magdalene Consciousness.

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 14.48.10.png


"I am the first and the last.


I am She who is honoured,

and She who is mocked.


I am the Whore and the Holy Woman.


I am the Wife and Virgin."


The Gnostic Text - The Thunder Perfect Mind

The Journey

The Sisterhood

It is our sincere gift to welcome You into this Sisterhood of the Rose. The four main Pilgrimage Guides for this Journey are Turiya Ma, Marian Rose, Catherine Lee & Basia Bird. Additional Special Guests to be announced soon. 

Marian Rose


The way of the Tao, i.e. the 'Way of Nature' has been my wisest guide for nearly 25 years now. I live on Dartmoor in South Devon, and daily moving & breathing with the rawness of this wild landscape - the trees, tors & waters, feeds my soul and earths my body.


Energy Medicine including Qi Gong & the sacred feminine alchemy practices of the Taoist tradition are amongst my greatest loves to share.  I’m a graduate of the Tao Tantric Arts, a  transformative path to help women step into their power through self love & embodied awareness.  And for over 10 years now, I’ve been sharing Qi Gong circles and playshops for womens’ health & pleasure.


I’ve been practising Traditional Acupuncture to help women return to physical & emotional balance since 2006 when I graduated from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading. 


Everything is energy, and (since 2006 when I had my own powerful  Glastonbury awakening!) the Magdalene frequency of energy is one that I resonate with deeply and aspire to embody.


I’m looking forward enormously to sharing Qi Flow circles with you on the sacred sites of  Glastonbury.  We’ll root in, connect with & harness the potent energy of the Earths’ converging meridian pathways (ley lines). We’ll open to this landscape to nourish & cultivate sensitivity to the landscape of our own bodies.  And we’ll align our vital life force energy with the flourishing Springtime Qi of Avalon.


I’m so  delighted & honoured to have been invited to co-create this potent cauldron with such a team of extraordinarily gifted wise women.  And I very much look forward to journeying with those of you feeling called to re-connect with the Magdalene  in May. 


In love

Marian Magdalene Rose

Catherine Lee


In these times of immense change women can feel overwhelmed by the problems of the world, but in a circle, we can hold ourselves together and healing and transformation can happen, for ourselves and also for the planet. 

When we slow down as women, breathe and rest in our true nature, we can drink from the well of our inner wisdom and experience the beauty and essence of our Being as love.


It can take courage to slow down and connect with our hearts and bodies in these times of increased pace. But when we sit together and remember our wellness and call home our lost parts we can feel more ease and as we do the web of life heals and grows with us. 


As women we are familiar with the journey of descent and arising which lies at the center of our cyclical nature. Our personal stories are like gold which echo our shared truth. We are the one story, which is being re-storied around the fire of sisterhood as we weave anew and remember our lost threads. 


My work has evolved over thirty years into an expression of soul midwifery. I hold spaces for women to hear the whispers of their heart and soul and come home to the wholeness of their being. 

My connection with Mary Magdalene began through my long standing daily practice of intuitive and channeled writing. I feel Mary Magdalene as a strong and powerful guide for women in our recovery of wholeness and the relinquishing of shame. I feel her presence and support as we reclaim our inherent spiritual worth as Priestesses, Wise Women, Healers and Soul Guides.

By nature I am a devotee of the Goddess and have a love of creating ritual spaces in Her name. I bring over thirty years of hands-on healing work, ritual, creative embodiment and devotional practice. I am dedicated to the awakening of Feminine Consciousness and the birth of a new world, where we women recover our inner wisdom and confidence to step into our spiritual authority and shine our light in the world.

I offer soul guidance astrology, rites of passage facilitation and explorative circles for women. I am a mother to a twelve year old girl and I am committed to changing the narratives around menstruation, menopause and aging.

I am trained and mentored in menstrual cycle awareness and women’s rites of passage as well as in many healing modalities. I have been very fortunate in my life to have studied with some incredible teachers, for which I am very grateful. Each teaching is weaved into the medicine basket I bring.

I bring humour, warmth, creativity and play to my work and a capacity to hold a heartfelt space.

Together with my dear sister Basia Bird we hold temple spaces for sisters to come together in Her name and connect deeply with the Mysteries of the Feminine and celebrate our blessed earth walk.

Catherine Lee

Basia Bird


Walking the way of beauty…

Working as a hands on healer and body-worker over the last 25 years made me realise that for the retrieval of the lost parts of our soul we need to return to the old ways of rites of passage and bring back sacredness to seasons of our lives; to truly honour, celebrate and bless each other on our shared path on Earth, including all our relations in spirit and the natural world we are part of.


For the last 20 years I have dedicated myself to revival of The Sacred through art, ritual, mediumship, healing and shamanic journeying in many places all over the world (Mexico, Brazil, Australia, India, Portugal, France, Italy and England).

My inspiration comes from a place where spirit and matter are one divine circle of beauty.


My devotion is with the Goddess and with the land, so the current of my work springs from this love for divine feminine and its power and healing magic.


My main love is the visioning and creation of altars as portals of transformation. I have created and curated (with my creative team of artists) the shrines at Medicine Festival in England for the last four years.


These living altars have been a place of ritual, prayer, refuge and contemplation for thousands of people, which is true joy for me.


Currently I live in a rural location in Cornwall with my partner, and I work in my "studio by the well“ and honour its sacred waters.


The love of this celtic land and its sacred sites takes me and my pilgrimage companions on journeys to connect with the spirits, ancestors and deities of old and bring them back to our altars.


My first meeting with the spirit of Mary Magdalene happened in a stone circle in Cornwall 23 years ago… so I feel blessed to be able to live  in these lands at this important time…


Together with my dear sister Catherine Lee, we hold feminine mysteries space for sisters in Her name, which has been an absolute honour and transformative force of love in my life. 


I hope we can share this sacred space of sisterhood together as we journey in the lands of Avalon. Softly, step by step, following the call of a temple drum and the ancient song of a flowing water, Returning …stronger Together.  


Qualifications : Zen Shiatsu diploma, Mexican Medicine training, Hridaya Yoga and Meditation teacher training


Wisdom lines and traditions ; Santo Daime (Brazil), Umbandaime (Brazil), Red Path (Camino Rojo), Caminho das raizes (Path of the Roots ,Brazil)


Blessed be! With love,

Basia Bird

Turiya Ma


There was a deep churning of recollection when I crossed paths with Hridaya Yoga Mexico in 2015 where I lived, served and practiced over an intense period of two years.


During this period, a profound Remembrance of unfiltered Beingness was uncovered; namely through multiple 10-Day Silent Meditation Retreats, Dark Room Retreats, a 600hr+ Hridaya Teacher Training, and a 59-Day Silent Retreat; as well as precious explorations of Tantra, the Divine Feminine and Ayurveda.

I have been teaching Yoga & Meditation since 2017 in regular weekly Session and Retreat formats. I have also trained in Swedish Massage, Ayurvedic Marma Therapy and Reiki. I am currently studying for my Advanced Diploma in Counselling, as well as my Masters in Jungian Studies.

Since 2015 I have been actively walking the path of the Goddess Mysteries and since 2019 I have been offering Women's Work Immersive into the sacred feminine arts. 


My focus of service is being guided towards the reverent homage of the Divine Mother, the Great Womb of Creation, Shaktism and Ancient Feminine Mysteries. 


The Sacred Tremor of the Heart is opening more refined perceptions and correlations to the inherent potency of the Holy Womb Space. This dark, vast, boundless landscape where Devi, the Goddess, plants her seeds, pours Love Nourishment upon, enjoys the fruits, and then in wild joy clears the land for a new cycle to begin.


I am in humble Service to the Mother-Father Creator during this Time of Great Awakening currently unfolding on Planet.


I perceive this Body-Mind as Spirit Incarnate, which encompasses Mother Earth, Father Sky — and all of the Directions and Sacred Dimensions in this Timeless Reality.


I share from my own experience within this <currently> feminine form, and speak to only those that resonate.


I see the Womb, Heart, Throat and Crown as Direct Doorways into the Essence of our Divine Human Potentiality, which is our Birthright to BE Realised.


I follow the Ancient Feminine Mysteries as pointers leading me back to the Wise Woman that I AM - embodying my glorious Wholeness.


And, through sheer Grace, I find mySelf Here, Now, With You, and ready, if You Are, to guide You on your Magnificent Journey Back Home to the Fullness of your Feminine Spirit


Why Avalon?

For some time, I have been hearing the call to return, observing synchronicities and life’s patterns pointing me in the direction of this ancient land.


The why is a great mystery and like all great mysteries the soul keeps the jewel of knowledge shrouded to allow for the heart of awakening to remain fluid and open to hear beyond the mind. 

Maybe this is akin to the mists of Avalon, a sense of great awe and mystery which is evoked within the heart and minds of those who are called. The word ‘return’ feels very important to me, my question being, what is it I and we are returning to? What lies in this reconnection and what do we bring with us in our return.


If Avalon, as a place of ancient wisdom could speak, what would She say?

To me She'd say:

Remember me, I am the one you dwelled in before the great turning and disenchantment of natural ways. The time you communicated with the universe and all of nature as Holy. Remember me in the brooks and streams, the wells you honored and the people who walked alongside you in this sacred land. Remember me in your gathering of healing herbs and wild flowers and in your praying by sacred stones. Remember me in your heart, the one who was at ease with other women, who knew the way of the moon, planets and stars. Remember me in the power of women to give birth and midwife through the portals of death. Remember me in your moon time, your bleeding, as we bled too. Remember me in your longings and losses for we also longed and lost. Remember me too in our struggles and the hardships we faced. Remember me in the healing arts we passed down, in story and song, in our carvings and crafting our dancing and prayers. Remember me in your children, for we had children too. As you remember me, we remember you, and we know you are returning. Blessed Be”.


I pray our pilgrimage to Avalon evokes our inner wisdom and stirs us to re-member and re-claim our lost knowledge as women and brings to us an experience of our inner strength, beauty, grace and joy to carry home inside our hearts.


It would be an honour to be with you there,

Blessed Be, Love

Catherine x

The Magdalene Chalice Pilgrimage Features:


 Powerful Initiations into the Rose Lineage.


Daily Feminine Alchemy Practices.


Advanced Studies into ancient lost scriptures.


Special Guest Wisdom Keepers & Rituals.


Private Access to ancient Avalon sites.

This pilgrimage is a prayer to life, a celebration of life on Earth. 

This is an honouring of our sensual feminine form & of the life force that flows through us.

This is an anchoring of the Magdalene frequency within us & through us all into the Avalon land, so she may travel through Earths meridians as a wake up call to all sleeping Magdalenes the world over.

This is a pilgrimage to bless the sacred feminine in all Earth walkers - men, women and others.

The Magdalene frequency holds a vital key to unleash peace in our hearts & on our planet.  It is the frequency of unconditional love & compassion, of inspired inner Knowing, leading to self-empowerment. 


Magdalene means Tower of Strength, a resilient soul.  Combined with that, this frequency is the sacred feminine expression of divine union; the sacred marriage within us - the Wisdom of that exquisite alchemy.


This pilgrimage is an Awakening to new ways of Being in ourselves & our new enlightened ways of living on this Earth.


There is nothing more powerful than a circle of women coming together in ritual, with loving & mutual sacred intent.


To embody all that, & to inspire & support other women to embody desired transformation too, is why we choose to return to Avalon at this time.


Marian x

Join the Rose Sisterhood

The Magdalene Chalice Pilgrimage is for You: 

If you hear the call to explore the Rose Path and the Magdalene-Christ Ministry.

If you feel the yearning to receive the Wisdom Teachings from the heart of the sacred Isle of Glass - Glastonbury - Avalon.

If you are ready to reclaim your feminine sovereignty and power.

If you are longing to be part of a growing Rose Sisterhood that focuses upon Ancient Scripture, Feminine Alchemy Practices, Feminine Empowerment Rituals, and Ancient Rose Medicine. 

If you want to bridge authentic Spirituality and Sacred Marriage Embodiment.

If you long to own your Visionary Effervescence.

If You are called to step into True Service.

If You yearn to fully throw yourself into the Mystery of the Magdalene.


Join Today, 
Rose Sister

The Magdalene Chalice Pilgrimage includes:

3.5 - Day Schedule

Private Teachings at the beautiful Goddess House in the Nolava space

Admissions to the Sacred Sites

Private Access to Chalice Well, White Spring & the Magdalene Chapel

Daily Workbook & Readings


21-Day Preparatory Sadhana before we meet for our Opening Ceremony to hone our energies

ALL FOR £444

Limited Spaces are available and filled on a first come first serve basis.






This is a non-residential retreat, housing and food will be organised by each participant. A document detailing beautiful accommodation options (to suit all budgets) & recommendations of what to bring will be shared once your booking is complete. As well as access to a dedicated WhatsApp group where you can share with other Rose Sisters.


For any questions - please contact us here

Tina, Germany

“Words are far too small to describe the transformation I was gifted during and after this day dedicated to rebirthing Christ Consciousness from Within during the recent Easter Pilgrimage... The way they guided us through this perfectly orchestrated symphony of Embodied Truth from the vastness of an Open Heart made me feel so very nourished and connected."

Clara, France

"Turiya and Vira Maria lovingly created and held a beautiful sacred circle during the retreat. It felt completely safe to go deep and to express all that needed to be expressed. They are wise and compassionate guides walking the path of the Heart. Thank you dear sisters!"

Lydia, Ireland

"The Wisdom, Peace and insights that Turiya & Vira Maria transmit through Voice, Energy, Intention and Ritual is so powerful - all you need is to be open to receive, and you shall. ⁣
The Love and Care they put into every detail of their Offering is palpable - to participate is to step into the energy of the Dharma of two beautiful Souls and to simply surrender to all that arises whilst there". ⁣
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